Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Guest tattoo artist spot in Blackpool

Guest spots for tattoo artists in Blackpool

Here at Mania Tattoo in Blackpool we welcome tattoo artists from all over to come and work for a day or two in our tattoo studio. We recently had a tattoo artist by the name of Phil Haggerstone from Newcastle working with us.

Phil is the pocket watch tattoo king having done 100's of them (not that he wanted to hundreds of them but you can't help what's popular) haha.

You can find Phil at Arthur T Sharpes, he doesn't want to do anymore pocket watch tattoos and I'd say Phil is more of a portrait kind of guy than a pocket watch kind of guy so go check him out. He'll be back at Mania doing a guest spot next year. You can find more of Phil's tattoo work on instagram

If you are a tattoo artist looking to do a guest spot in Blackpool then call 01253 404234 or email us at


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