Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Haunted tattoo studio in Blackpool

Haunted tattoo studio in Blackpool.....

Greetings one and all. This is my first ever Blog ever in the history of all time and I think I may as well start by telling you all about the day we've had at Mania Tattoo.

Today at my Tattoo studio in Blackpool we had a Medium in for a tattoo on her arm, whilst being inked she informed us that there is a spirit hanging around our tattoo studio by the name of Marcus and apparently he is tall, ginger and stoned haha. The Medium also told Mick (our main artist) that a spirit has been trying to communicate with him to warn him about his health (Mick's had a bad abdominal pains for ages and wont go to the doctors, he's also had some scary stuff happen at his flat!!!!).

Main tattoos through the door today:

Black cat
Black and grey dot work rose
Black script

Meanwhile our mate Lewis has been hanging around the shop making adjustments to tattoo machine he's been building which is solid black, single piece (no screws or glue holding it together) rotary machine. After further testing and adjustments he should have a pretty awesome machine for us to distribute via our Tattoo Supplies shop.
So it's been a kinda black kinda spooky kind of day but never a dull moment ;)